About Friends of Shelby

Founded in 2008, Friends of Shelby is a private, non-profit organization based in East Nashville.  Our mission is to help preserve, protect and enhance historic Shelby Park and Bottoms.  We do this through helping maintain its features, promoting programs, supporting recreational activities, engaging user groups and undertaking revitalization efforts within the park.

Board members serve for a minimum of two years, beginning in October.

Board of Directors:

Katey Burriss, President

Sarah Brawner, Vice President

Margaret Darby, Treasurer

Kevin Martelli, Secretary

Brian Neal

Laura Hutchison

Linda Bodfish

Bryan Pieper

Patrick Cavasin

Rob Connor

Cliff Lippard

Linus Hall

Will Morgan

Jonathan Blake

Tipton Fowlkes

Betsy Nenni

Pam Bradshaw

Ally Lanahan

Mary Fulcher