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East Nashville License Plate Preorder Progress

Figures Updated: 06/29/2020
Total Preorders: 368



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Who are Friends of Shelby Park & Bottoms?
We are a non-profit organization that works to preserve, protect and enhance historic Shelby Park and Bottoms. We do this through helping maintain the features, promoting programs, supporting recreational activities, engaging user groups and undertaking revitalization efforts within the park.

A few examples of our recent work:
• Restoration of hangars at Cornelia Fort Air Park
• Installed a bike repair station in Shelby Park
• Water fountains installed throughout Shelby Park & Bottoms
• Continuing education support for Shelby Bottoms Nature Center staff
• Bee hives installed and maintained to support our local ecosystem

Follow us and get involved!
Become a member, volunteer, or attend our events. Learn more at friendsofshelby.org or contact us: info@friendsofshelby.org