In partnership with the Metro Nashville Parks Department, Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms works to engage the community in park beautification and the maintenance of park features, create and promote park programs and activities, and advocate for continued funding to fulfill the Shelby Park Master Plan.

Your attendance at events, participation in volunteer programs, donations and membership all support our efforts and help us do more every year.

2019 Impact

Direct Investment

  • In 2019 FOS reached several milestones. Friends made the biggest capital investment in the park its history – partnering with Metro Parks to build a new playground at Historic Cornelia Fort Air Port in on the north end of Shelby Bottoms. This investment is already bringing joy to countless families and activating the park in new ways.
  • Over $9000 invested in Environmental programs including Nature Center staff continuing education, maintenance of the Shelby Park bee hives, new lighting and bird safe window treatments at the Nature Center.
  • Friends of Shelby helped to create new wayfinding signage in 25 locations in Shelby Bottoms. These reconstructed signs help visitors navigate this amazing natural area.


  • 2019 was also the 5th season of Cornelia For Pickin’ Parties during which, FOS welcomed over 3000 attendees to a family friendly community concert with great music, food and fun for all ages. The events help create jobs right here in our community and proceeds from the events are reinvested right back in to the Parks.
  • In April, Shelby Park and Bottoms were a featured tour during the Cultural Landscape Foundation’s What’s Out There Weekend. The weekend event brings to light the unique landscape legacy and local character of each city, defined by its publicly accessible parks, gardens, plazas, cemeteries, memorials, and neighborhoods.

Park Maintenance and Beautification

  • Volunteers provide essential support for both Friends and Metro Parks, and in 2019 more than 200 volunteers logged over 600 hours at volunteer events. From weeding and mulching to stream cleanups and event staffing, Friends of Shelby engaged the community in support of the Parks.

Most importantly, we are the voice of the voice of those who use Shelby Park & Bottoms, advocating for the needs of the park with the city and other stakeholders.