License Plate FAQs


Friends of Shelby Park East Nashville License Plate

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Where can I order an East Nashville license plate?  Easy, just click here!


When will I get my plate?

The license plate will be presented to the Tennessee General Assembly for approval in early 2019.  After they approve the plate, we’ll have until the end of the year to collect preorders for the plate.  As soon as we hit 1,000 preorders, the state will begin the printing and distribution process.  This is why it’s so important to share the project with others in East Nashville: we MUST hit 1,000 preorders in order for the plates to be printed!  The sooner we hit our goal, the faster the plates will be distributed.


What if I already own a different specialty plate?

You can still order an East Nashville license plate.  When the new plate is ready, the state will contact you, and you can retire your current specialty plate.  A new East Nashville plate costs the same as renewing your existing specialty plate.


Is shipping included in the $35 fee?

In Tennessee, plates are only distributed through state offices.  The state will contact you when your plate is ready for pickup at a local clerk office.


How can I order a customized East Nashville plate?

The state's printer will assign each plate a number.  Customization is not available during the preorder process.  


What happens to my existing license plate?

Your existing plate will remain in service until the state notifies you that the new plate is ready for pickup.  After your new plate is registered, you can retire and save your existing plate.


Can I gift East Nashville license plates to friends or family or clients?

You sure can!  Simply go to the order page and fill out the form using the recipient's information. You'll need to know their full name, mailing address, phone number, and email (or feel free to enter your own email if you don't want to spoil the surprise!).  Then, on the next PayPal page, use your own billing information to pay.


Is there a limit to the number of plates I can order?

There's no limit, plates are simply sold one at a time.


If Friends of Shelby is a non-profit organization, how much of my $35.00 plate fee is tax deductible? 

$13.70 is tax deductible the first year the plate is in service.  $17.50 of subsequent annual renewals are tax deductible. 


Who are Friends of Shelby Park & Bottoms?

We are a non-profit organization that works to preserve, protect and enhance historic Shelby Park and Bottoms.  We do this through helping maintain the features, promoting programs, supporting recreational activities, engaging user groups and undertaking revitalization efforts within the park. 


How do I renew the tags on my East Nashville plate?

Just as a standard license plate, renewals are handled through the state.  The state will mail you a reminder postcard to renew your tags at the appropriate time.


Is this the final design of the plate?

The plate design and colors may be adjusted to meet state design standards.


What happens if we don’t hit 1,000 preorders?

Friends of Shelby Park will make strong efforts to pre-sell the plate to as many East Nashvillians as possible.  This plate will be available for purchase online and in person at many of our events, including Corneila Fort Pickin’ Parties, Tomato Art Festival, and more.  If our time expires, proceeds from the pre-sales will be considered as fully tax-deductible donations to Friends of Shelby Park. Share the project with a friend to help us get there!  


What does Friends of Shelby Park actually do?

Here are a few examples of our most recent work:

  • Restoration of hangars at Cornelia Fort Air Park
  • Installed a bike repair station in Shelby Park
  • Water fountains installed throughout Shelby Park & Bottoms
  • Continuing education support for Shelby Bottoms Nature Center staff
  • Bee hives installed and maintained to support our local ecosystem 


How do I order my plate after the 1,000 preorder period has ended?

After 1,000 pre-sales are collected, the funds and donor information are transferred to the state.  Pre-sales are closed while the state begins production of the plates.  Moving forward, plates will be sold exclusively through the state.