August 09, 2018
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Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms Introduces Specialty East Nashville License Plate

License plate design to be unveiled at Tomato Art Fest; Proceeds benefit non-profit organization

East Nashville License Plate

Nashville, Tenn. (August 9, 2018) Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms, a non-profit organization that works to preserve, protect and enhance Shelby Park and Bottoms, announces preorders for the first specialty license plate designed for East Nashvillians. The organization will begin taking preorders for the license plate, which features iconography from East Nashville and Shelby Park, at Tomato Art Fest on Saturday August 11, 2018.

License plate sales support the organization’s efforts to maintain park features, promote educational programs, support recreational activities, engage visitors and undertake revitalization efforts within the 1,300-acre urban park system.

“Shelby Park is an incredible resource to East Nashville,” said Paul Hoffmann, president of Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms.  “It’s our “backyard,” and just like Tomato Art Fest, it brings our community together. We are excited for our friends and East Nashville neighbors to sign up for the specialty license plate, which represents the community and Shelby Park, and gives East Nashvillians a way to showcase their local pride while supporting meaningful, long-term improvements in the park.”  

The design of the license plate incorporates visuals that represent Shelby Park, such as a plane to represent Cornelia Fort Air Park, and icons to represent the many uses of the park including a bicycle, dog, rollerblade and athletic shoe. Additionally, icons like a tomato represent East Nashville.

In order to secure the special edition license plate, Friends of Shelby will need to collect 1,000 preorders for the plate.  Friends of Shelby will contact state legislators in January 2019 to request passage of a bill for the specialty plate. The preorder requirement of 1,000 plates must be met by December 2019.

The specialty plates retail for $35.00, and individuals are invited to preorder their license plate at Tomato Art Fest.  A portion of the purchase is tax deductible.  Should the goal of 1,000 preorders not be met by December 2019, purchasers will be notified, and the $35 preorder fee will be transferred as a $35 tax-deductible deduction to Friends of Shelby Park and Bottoms. 

Individuals who already have a specialty plate can switch to the East Nashville-themed license plate at the same cost of renewing their current plate.

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