The 2009 Shelby Park Master Plan calls for a separated walking loop around Sevier Lake. In 2010, Friends of Shelby took the first step by working with Metro to close the road on the western edge of the lake reclaiming this space for cyclists and pedestrians. In 2012 Metro added walking paths around the newly constructed events lawn, and in 2014 these paths were connected to the lake path creating approximately 2/3 of a mile of separated trail. But the remaining route around the lake still requires people to mix with cars on the road, creating a dangerous situation for all park patrons.

The Project:

In partnership with Bell & Associates Construction and Metro Parks and Recreation, Friends of Shelby will build a 1/3 mile section of trail creating a complete one-mile walking loop in Shelby Park. The project will be a catalyst for future investment in the wetland boardwalk and ADA-compliant trail called for in the park master plan.


Progress 2020

Completed in fall 2020, the initial phase of the project includes a 900-foot section of gravel trail and a new bridge. 

Planning 2021 

The final section of the loop will be the striping of a pedestrian lane through the existing parking lot and along the road east of Lake Sevier. Friends of Shelby has begun this work by surveying the existing conditions and engaging a traffic engineer to help with a striping plan that will provide a safe route for walkers. 

Striping plan option 1

Striping plan option 2



Thank you to our Partners